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My  process is very meditative and it always begins with a sense of curiosity.  I don’t know what the finished painting will look like but I always know what I will be painting before I begin.  I have a feeling that the subject has chosen me and because of this,  I like to allowing the work to lead me. 
The Far East always shows up in my work.  I think of Japonism.  At one time it was more intentional for me to integrate an Asian style into my work and now it just feels natural to have the influence be part of my aesthetic approach.

I began making jewelry during a time when I was too ill to paint work larger than a postage stamp.  I received a container of broken watches from a friend who said "I think you can do something with these" and I did.  I took the broken parts inside of the watch out and replaced them with tiny paintings of birds, bees, butterflies and many other favorite images much like replacing illness with healthy images.
THESE I call mindful watches. They helped me to be mindful instead of watchful and lose all track of time.

I do a few other jewelry related items as well that are also upcycled works using broken bits of chain, beads that have long lost their bracelet and many other found objects.  I hope to offer these soon.


Nancy Majors